Coffee & Celluloid by Joey Daoud

I’m a documentary director, producer, shooter and editor. Sometimes I wear all the hats, other times I wear just one. I’ve produced work for The New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Guardian, The Economist, Fusion, Filmmaker Magazine and other media outlets. Independent documentaries that I’ve produced have won awards at festivals and played at Sundance, TIFF, and dozens of other festivals.

If the blog title didn’t give it away I’m also a fan of coffee. I’m an avid explorer and enjoy climbing and mountaineering. I have an interest in fitness and how it relates to the creative process.

Coffee & Celluloid started as a blog documenting my experiences as a film student at the FSU Film School, starting in 2006. Since graduating it’s been a first hand account of experiences in the field, gear and software reviews, and commentary on the film industry with a focus on documentary filmmaking.

Currently Coffee & Celluloid remains a first hand account of my experiences. But as my interests have evolved I’m covering more topics. Mainly this includes fitness and the outdoors. After gaining weight and losing strenght from sitting at a computer editing for eight hours a day, I gained an appreciation for fitness and nutrition and how it contributes to the creative process.

Coffee & Celluloid, Inc. is my production company producing original content.

For some backstory from when the blog started during the film school days, check out The Story So Far and My Life For The Next Two Years.

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