Spaceship Set – Set Anatomy

All of these flats and the floor are made from 4x8 sheets of dry erase boards. The two red marks on the kiosk are for motion tracking for some monitors that will be added in post. Baby Cools and Tweenies are suspended above the flats for lighting.

Flats – Set Anatomy

Flats, or fake walls. These flats have little holes in them for a lighting effect, which is why many lights are pointing at the backs of them. From left to right, the lights are a 1k soft, 2k soft, and 1k soft.

Steadicam – Set Anatomy

The Steadicam sled supported by a C-stand. This is where the Steadicam is built, balanced, and attached to the operator.

How to be a Best Boy Electric

Show up for check-out, or worse - the truck is transferred over to you from the previous show. Open the door to find everything in disarray. Curse the previous crew under your breath as you shift through all the special equipment that should have been taken off and is...

New Set, Different Job

Saturday was picture wrap for the show I Key Gripped, but there's no time to recover as yesterday started a brand new show where I'm Best Boy Electric. Most of the crew that I worked with Thursday-Saturday is also on this show. The sudden shift is slightly weird. You...