Retirement Communities and Evangelical Churches for the NY Times

Earlier this year I co-produced two video pieces for the New York Times. The first was on retirement communities in South Florida that are seeing an increase in baby boomers moving in but were still working. They didn't want to retire, it was just a good real estate...

History of Online Video Infographic

Pretty awesome infographic on the last five years of online video. Lots of interesting data on user demographics and most popular genres, plus comparisons of data between 2007 and 2009. via History of Online Video | The Blog Herald

Catch Documentary Making Live on TWiT Live

TWiT Live - Live Netcasts from TWiT with Leo Laporte and Friends. If you're bored Thursday, I'm interviewing Leo Laporte. But in a documentary first (?), he's going to be broadcasting the interview online through his TWiT Live show. So who will be interviewing who?...