I have been following and reading Steelcase 360 for years (it was a great source of inspiration for past projects). I have a deep curiosity on how we work and creating optimal environments that make one enjoy and love how they work.

While I very much enjoy the great articles and clean imagery in 360, I’ve always felt that seeing what is covered in action would greatly compliment the information you provide in the magazine, and offer another way for your readers to learn more about your work spaces and studies. Bright and clean imagery with informative interviews, to match the style and quality of the magazine.

I would like to share a few ideas I have, based on some past 360 articles and coverage, and different ways you could adapt them into films. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you in creating short documentary films.

Project Outlines

So many of the articles in 360 read like a documentary outline. I love the coverage and in-depth interviews, but would love to see what some of the experts talk about in action.

Here are three breakdowns for different types of videos, based on your coverage in 360 and some of my own ideas.


Just the last issue alone has articles covering certain issues that would make for a great short film, from “Is Your Workplace Ready for the Interconnected World?” to “Un/tethered.”

As an idea for a video from the former article, interviews with John Hughes and Dean Guida would serve as the guide to take us through the issues of an interconnected workplace. We can get a visual space breakdown and side-by-side comparison, illustrating the differences in “I and We” and “Shared and Owned” spaces, through subtle animation in a real world work environment.

Case Studies

Tell the story of your clients. Visually explore Steelcase in action in a real life work environment, from Skype to Infragistics. How was their workplace before? How have you helped them? How were their needs met? This could also include commentary from experts at ARC.


Short videos showcasing how a workplace can utilize your tools to enhance their space. Some sample video ideas:

  • Make your workspace more ergonomic
  • Foster collaboration
  • Create shared spaces
  • Create third work-spaces

Efficient Production

Most of our projects use extremely small crews and short production time. We like to maximize our efforts during the most expensive per-day cost of filmmaking, production, in order to get the most amount of footage.

What this means is structuring interviews so they can be used in a variety of videos and mediums. One interview could be used in a video series, source material for an accompanying 360 article, and audio soundbites for a podcast.

Furthermore, what may be one article in 360 doesn’t need to be one video. One of the advantages of written media is how in-depth the coverage can go. You can achieve a similar effect with a video series.

Using the Interconnected World article as an example again, the main video would include all the concepts covered in the article, though touch on each one briefly. But the article covers a variety of topics, including collaboration, attracting and engaging talent, the company brand and culture, well-being, and maximizing real estate. Each of these topics could be an additional, stand alone video using the same interviews recorded for the entire project.

A user watches the main video and then is able to find out more information about what matters to them and their needs most.

One interview, multiple videos.


The videos will share the same style as the imagery you use in 360 and on your website. Open, airy, optimistic. Simple camera moves with clean, simple titles.


I greatly enjoy reading the excellent coverage in Steelcase 360 and it was a lot of fun imagining how to bring it to life as a documentary. I would love to have the opportunity to produce these films, whether it’s adapting stories from past magazines or collaboration on future coverage.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further at [email protected] or 305-918-2270.

Coffee & Celluloid Productions is a full service documentary production company whose projects have ranged from a feature film on high school robot builders to short films on abandoned rocket sites and life hacking. Projects have won numerous awards and have been featured on The Guardian, The Atlantic, Boing Boing, and many other web sites.

Prepared by: Joey Daoud