CapCut Gets AI, DreamGenerator Camera, and a Shotlist Template

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Now let’s jump into it.


📷 AI cameras keep rolling out. DreamGenerator is a point-and-shoot camera that converts your pic into an AI image based on 30 different prompts.

📸 Zhiyun has rolled out a 4th gen version of their popular Crane gimbal. This version supports larger cameras (around 13 pounds, has a longer arm length, extended quick-release plate, and stronger motors for balancing.

🎥 Popular mobile video editor CapCut now has a ChatGPT plugin that will help you write scripts and edit TikTok videos.

🔍 YouTube is testing linking keywords in video comments as a way to expand in-app discovery.

💻 Director and DP Valentina Vee dropped a free resource to the best shotlist she’s ever used: a Google Sheet.

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📮 Metricool ► Easy yet powerful social media scheduling and metrics dashboards.

📺 OpenReel ► No fuss video creation, great for marketing videos

🔒 Vestigit ► Secure and protect your video content

🪧 Adspective ► Use AI to dynamically place ads and products in existing videos and photos

🗄️ MASV ► Transfer large files and folders fast

Some more awesome gear that we saw at NAB.

Prolific Twitter writer Dickie Bush had dropped lots of tips on how to always have a bank of ideas to turn to.

We just dropped a video breaking down 5 of the best ones.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

00:50 – Tip 1: The AAAA Framework

01:40 – Tip 2: The Tequila Test

02:35 – Tip 3: Prep the Page

03:55 – Tip 4: Warm Up Your Ideas & Body

05:20 – Tip 5: Treat Writing Like a Business

Closing Shot

Oppenheimer in IMAX is powered by…a Palm Pilot emulator

I’m sorry – the IMAX projector needs a Palm Pilot emulator running on an iPad in order to work!?!

— Joey Daoud (@C47)
Jul 14, 2023

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