YouTube Growth & Strategy Masterclass

Grow your brand, get new leads, and delight your current customers.

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Are you looking for a way to create powerful video content for your business?

With video marketing, you can reach a whole new audience with your message and convert more leads into customers. This course will teach you everything you need to know about creating powerful video content that will help you grow your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to produce professional videos on your iPhone

  • Edit videos to create a high-quality finished video

  • Add music, titles, and special effects for a polished look

  • Upload and share videos online and on your website for more traffic and leads

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6 Courses in 1

Create Your YouTube Channel (42 Minutes)

  • How to Create a YouTube Brand Channel
  • Customizing Your Channel (Templates Included!)
  • Optimizing Your Layout for New Visitors
  • Adjusting Channel Settings
  • Structuring YouTube Playlists

Build Your Studio (32 Minutes)

  • Selecting Your Camera
  • Microphones and Headphones
  • Lighting
  • Studio Gear Breakdown
  • Soundproofing Your Space

Recording with an iPhone (44 Minutes)

  • Planning Your Video
  • Framing for Different Platforms
  • Mapping Out Multiple Videos
  • Creating Shot Lists
  • Gear for iPhone Filmmaking
  • Framing and Eye Lines
  • Lighting & Sound Made Easy
  • Recording B-Roll

Editing with iMovie (30 Minutes)

  • iMovie Overview & Best Settings
  • Setting Project Resolution
  • Working in the Timeline
  • Video & Audio Effects
  • Adding B-Roll & Smoothing Edits
  • Advanced iMovie Techniques
  • Exporting Your Video
  • Square & Vertical Cropping

Producing Video Podcasts (93 Minutes)

  • Why video will grow your podcast
  • Zoom Alternatives
  • How to Use Riverside (30% discount code included)
  • Recording Your Episode
  • Exporting Your Episode
  • Creating Social Media Clips
  • Exporting Video Files
  • Publishing Your Podcast
  • Live Streaming Your Podcast

How to Interview Anyone (57 Minutes)

  • Planning Your Interview
  • Research
  • Finding Interview Subjects
  • Crafting Your Interview Questions
  • Planning the Recording
  • Working with Your Subject
  • Creating a Radio Edit
  • Tips for Editing Documentaries
  • Polishing Your Documentary

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