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We produce high quality, weekly videos for your brand on YouTube, leading to a bigger audience, new leads, and happier customers.
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Reach New Customers. Increase Your Brand Authority.

Cost Effective Videos

We create high-quality videos for your brand on a weekly basis – and we do it for less than it’d cost to do in-house.

Reach a New Audience

Increase your brand’s reach through video SEO, which leads to a bigger audience and new leads and customers.

Become an Authority

Transform your brand into the go-to authority for topics in your niche through video keyword targeting YouTube search.

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New Videos Produced For You Every Week

Our specialty is producing mid-length video content optimized for YouTube. YouTube is a huge source of traffic, but it needs a consistent stream of high quality videos.

With our monthly plans, we’ll take care of everything, from writing to recording to publishing, every week, leading to greater growth, exposure, and customers.

Check out our plans and schedule a call to find out how we can work together.

Brands We Work With

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We’re also an award winning documentary company.

Here are a few platforms we’ve made films for.

Webinars, Live Chats,

& Virtual Events

From YouTube Live broadcasts to virtual events, we can create professional live stream broadcasts with a variety of hosts and guests, all handled remotely. 

If you’re thinking about a virtual event or live streaming, read our comprehensive guide on getting started and reach out to talk about your streaming needs.

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Remote, broadcast quality live panels

Live, Interactive Trivia

Outstanding! Professional, attentive to details and got the job done.  New Territory Media took care of every detail. They made our virtual event look like a TV production not just another zoom call. Our attendees were amazed at the video, graphics and TV production style of the event. I would highly recommend them for your next video or virtual event production.

Craig Ure

Salt Therapy Association

Our virtual conference attendees were amazed by the professional quality of the sessions that were hosted by New Territory Media. If you are running a virtual event – this is who you need. It was affordable and really made the difference in taking our conference to the next level. Highly recommended.

Erica L Scheller, DDS, PhD

Washington University in St. Louis

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