Consolidate Your Broadcast Environment with nxtedition

Posted on April 24, 2023

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nxtedition is a powerful solution for the broadcast industry that consolidates all the necessary equipment and tools into one unified system. In this video, Roger from nxtedition explains how the system can help eradicate headaches and streamline the broadcast environment. By eliminating the need for multiple boxes and integrations, nxtedition can save time and money while improving workflow efficiency. The system covers the entire production chain, from the idea to the broadcast, all within one user interface.

Additionally, the system integrates with HTML graphics, making it simple to add outside graphics as an overlay. It is web-based, and users can install plugins into a Chromium app. The app is locked to one version to avoid any compatibility issues. It is ideal for content creators and marketers who are looking to simplify their broadcast operations and improve their workflow efficiency.

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