Discover SmallHD’s New Line of 5-Inch Camera Monitors for Filmmakers

Posted on April 20, 2023

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SmallHD, a company specializing in high-quality video equipment, has launched a new line of 5-inch monitors. In this video, Dave from SmallHD discusses the three variants of the new monitors: Indie 5, Cine 5, and Ultra 5. The monitors vary in brightness and have different features such as touchscreen options and camera control.

The Ultra 5 is the most advanced with the option of Bolt 6 inside, which creates a lighter rig for filmmakers. The RX version is a receiver that can be used as a handheld follow-focus or as a client monitor.

The Indie 5 is the most budget-friendly option and is marketed as a Komodo monitor. With a special offer of $1299, you can get the camera control and cables needed to control Komodo, plus a monitor.

All of the new SmallHD monitors come with the PageOS 5 operating system, which is an industry standard that is known for keeping you quick on set and efficient.

These new monitors are perfect for content creators and marketers looking to enhance their filming setup while streamlining their workflow.

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