ftrack Review and cineSync: Interactive Review and Approval Tools for Content Teams

Posted on April 20, 2023

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This video introduces two powerful tools – cineSync and ftrack Review – that streamline post-production workflow for marketers and content creators. These synchronized review and approval tools allow for remote collaboration and interactive reviewing, without the need for sending back-and-forth notes.

cineSync is a desktop application that supports high-quality media playback, while ftrack Review is browser-based, allowing for easy guest access without installing anything. Both tools have security features to ensure privacy and protect unfinished work. cineSync also integrates with Iconik for high-quality review, and ftrack Review includes a playlist manager and approval tools.

By using these tools, content creators can have real-time conversations, view high-quality media, and review original files, saving time and miscommunications. This video provides a comprehensive overview of the features and benefits of cineSync and ftrack Review , and how they can improve remote collaboration and editing.

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