Virtual Production Made Easy – ARwall’s New StudioBox

Posted on April 24, 2023


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ARwall, a virtual production provider, has recently unveiled its ARFX StudioBox, an all-in-one solution for virtual production that’s compact, powerful, and accessible. The “studio in a box” includes an ARFX app built by ARwall that doesn’t require coding, scripting, or 3D design skills, making it ideal for aspiring filmmakers.

The ARFX StudioBox is capable of delivering studio-grade professional results. When it comes to set options, ARwall has its own marketplace of pre-compiled, pre-configured, pre-lit scenes specifically for virtual production, making it easier for users to solve the creative content problem.

The ARFX StudioBox enables filmmakers to produce in-camera effects, which is a more accessible version of virtual production. It doesn’t require additional hardware except for the box itself and uses your smartphone as a tracker. At launch, the ARFX StudioBox will have iOS and HTC Vive support, with Android and Antilatency support soon after. The box can do up to 4K resolution on a single stream for virtual production.

The ARFX Pro plugin is another innovative tool built by ARwall that takes the tools stuck in Unreal Editor and puts them in-engine into video game-style menus. With the ARFX Pro plugin, you can select your color, all your camera settings, and other virtual production tools without having to learn any of the traditional development tools associated with virtual production.

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