How SISU Cinema Robotics is Revolutionizing Virtual Production

Posted on April 20, 2023

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The SISU Cinema Robotics C20 is a motion control system that is fast, intuitive and highly mobile. In this video, we get an inside look at the system demonstrated by the SISU team, partnering with Magicbox, to show how this system can revolutionize the filmmaking industry.

One of the main differences between SISU and other cinema robots on the market is their speed on set. They are much quicker to program than other cinema robots, which is a significant advantage for filmmakers. They use a proprietary interface that is unique to SISU, making their system quick to learn and easy to use.

The SISU team has designed the SISU Cinema Robotics C20 to be highly mobile, and it can be quickly repositioned on set thanks to its heavy-duty casters. The robot’s 6.5-foot reach is designed to fit through a standard doorway, making it easy to move around.

The SISU Cinema Robotics C20 can be operated without any certifications or coursework, making it an accessible tool for filmmakers. The intuitive software means you can start creating content immediately after training, and after three days of onboarding, you can be ready to go in front of clients. It is perfect for virtual production, where repeatability is crucial. The system can create virtual environments that allow people to see themselves in a different world. It can be programmed to create any shot and can be adjusted in realtime with real-time feedback from the director.

Overall, SISU Cinema Robotics C20 is an ideal tool for filmmakers looking to improve their workflow and create stunning productions. Its speed, mobility, and accessibility make it one of the best motion control systems on the market.

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