Media Signals – Micro Media, the Metaverse, and Jurassic Park’s Mr. DNA

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Got a handful of articles this week on what I like to call Micro Media: small to mid-size media companies that produce their own original content that interests a certain niche. They either stand on their own or get acquired by larger, non-media companies and become their original content arm.

Mental Floss is a prime example of this and just celebrated its 20th anniversary. We also have a breakdown of Food52’s history. British Vogue is expanding its YouTube strategy. And not really micro but Roku paid $98 million to stream This Old House’s library of more than 1500 episodes. Just fascinating how enduring and valuable the brand of well-made, evergreen shows are.

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Interesting Finds

How Mental Floss Built One Of The Quirkiest, Most Delightful Brands In Journalism

A look at how Mental Floss, the online magazine that covers offbeat stories, has endured and evolved over the past 20 years by staying true to their instincts. ‘Mental Floss employs a small, tight-knit crew going its own way, striving to produce a very specific kind of journalism — compelling stories that, above all else, are sufficiently “flossy.”’

Seven post-pandemic trends for 2021 and beyond

Has the usual suspects like video marketing but a couple of interesting ones like neuromarketing and extended reality (VR, AR). This has been trending with things like visualizing products in your space but I also think this will aid with content production, like virtual sets and production to save time and cost.

Jurassic Park’s Mr. DNA gets the children’s Golden Book treatment

The brand crossover we never knew we needed. Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park get’s the children’s Golden Book treatment with a Book of Dinosaurs.

Micro Media

Food52’s secret recipe for building a $100 million media empire

Roku Paid $98 Million for This Old House Ventures

British Vogue’s vision for video: How the fashion title is winning on YouTube

Creator Economy

Gotta Have That Cute Mug? Act Fast

Product drops are common with shoes and clothing. Now they’ve made their way to ceramics, giving a post to artists who are selling out of profits instantly. Scarcity + anticipation = win.

The influencer talent firm Slash Management is launching a new production facility to help clients level up their content

The Strange, Soothing World of Instagram’s Computer-Generated Interiors

YouTube Insights

YouTube Shares New Insights into the Most Commonly Used Opening Lines for YouTube Clips

Hey guys – check out this report on the most popular opening lines in YouTube videos.

The Advice YouTube Executive Tuma Basa Wants to Share With Up-And-Coming Artists

YouTube Is Beta Testing Subscriber-Only Chat Mode For Live Streams

William And Kate Tease New YouTube Channel With Perky Video

The other royals are getting in on the YouTube wagon.

New Apps, Tools & Updates

The World’s First Inflatable Green Screen Studio! by DropKey® Pop-up Studios® — Kickstarter

Curious how well this will key with the angles and shadows but a handy-looking solution to a quick green screen without the hassle of large poles and stands.

Bright, a live video platform built on top of Zoom, launches with celeb partners to let fans engage in ticketed video sessions with creators, actors, musicians

Sendbird Debuts Group Calls for Voice and Video So That Any Organization Can Build Its Own Clubhouse

Netflix is surveying users about their interest in features such as podcasts and user-generated playlists of shows and music, for a project called N-Plus

Deepfake Lips Are Coming to Dubbed Films

Pinterest Tests Coming Live-Streaming Functionality with New Creator Event

Twitter may be working on Twitter Blue, a subscription service that would cost $2.99 per month

TikTok is launching a job hiring service to help find gigs for Gen Z

Black Mirror meets job recruiting. TikTok is launching a job board for Gen Z where applicants can post a video resume (TikTok style).

Streaming & Virtual Events

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s VR future

Zuck is building the metaverse.

“Facebook is getting closer to launching this world in the form of a large-scale social metaverse called Facebook Horizon that, with creative tools and user-created worlds, looks reminiscent of apps like AltspaceVR, Rec Room, and maybe even Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft. Zuckerberg calls Horizon a “very big priority” for Facebook, something that will “play a big role toward helping to build out this broader metaverse that will go across all of virtual and augmented reality.”

Marco Experiences

New company providing virtual experiences with a focus on team building. While some virtual events will go back to person, I believe virtual team-building events will continue to grow with more companies being remote.

Instagram Live takes on Clubhouse with options to mute and turn off the video

Everyone’s adding audio features like Clubhouse. Or just removing video features so it’s audio only.

For Cyclists, E-Racing Mixes Competition and Equality


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