New Breed Park City Video Series

Posted on February 4, 2010


There’s a very cool video series up by Sabi Pictures with Filmmaker Magazine and Workbook Project. It’s a series incorporating interviews and discussions by a few filmmakers and producers from this past Sundance and poses questions, answers, and solutions  on new ways for filmmakers to distribute and find life for their films. Also, for video series that partly revolves around a table discussion, it’s beautifully shot.


NEW BREED PARK CITY – Discovering the Questions from Sabi Pictures on Vimeo.

NEW BREED PARK CITY – Seeking the Answers, Part 1 from Sabi Pictures on Vimeo.

NEW BREED PARK CITY – Seeking the Answers, Part 2 from Sabi Pictures on Vimeo.

NEW BREED PARK CITY – Exploring the Solutions, Part 1 from Sabi Pictures on Vimeo.

Follow Sabi Pictures on Vimeo to get Part 2 of Exploring the Solutions and any other videos they might release.

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