New iPhone Filmmaking Updates in Filmic Pro V7

Posted on April 19, 2023

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If you’re a content creator or marketer looking to enhance your iPhone video quality, Filmic Pro’s latest version 7 has everything you need. In this video, Luke from Filmic explains all the new updates and features, including an improved interface and more tools for manual control.

Improved Interface and Agile Navigation

One of the major changes is the newly designed interface, which provides a more agile way to control your settings and navigate the app. The action info slider is a quick and easy way to change your capture configuration, with “quick action modals” providing even more ways to make settings changes.

Shutter Angle Display and Touches Shown on Screen

For those interested in specific settings, Filmic Pro now shows shutter angles and touches on the screen. These features are especially useful for educators teaching classes or for those in need of very high control over their camera.

Import LUTs and Cinematch Profiles

Another exciting update is the ability to import LUTs (look-up tables), which lets users preview and burn them into their footage. Additionally, Filmic Pro’s Log Curve has matching profiles available in Cinematch, meaning you can match Filmic footage to other cameras you may be using. FilmConvert has also added profiles for the iPhone.

Remote App and Camera-to-Cloud Integration

Filmic Pro’s remote app is another highly useful feature, allowing you to use a separate device as a monitor and control device. As for camera-to-cloud integration, Filmic Pro currently transfers proxies with integration, but there is potential for future updates to transfer original footage off the phone.

Take Your Filmmaking to the Next Level with Filmic Pro

Compared to the native iPhone camera app, Filmic Pro offers a range of professional-level features for manual control and filming. With the latest updates in version 7, mobile filmmakers and videographers can achieve even higher-quality footage. If you’re interested in these features and want to learn more, don’t miss out on this informative video.

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