Case Study

BaseLang YouTube channel

Creative Process

BaseLang is a Spanish language tutoring company. They already had an existing YouTube channel, but it had been dormant for a number of years.

Working with New Territory Media, we did a complete brand refresh of their YouTube channel (which was also carried over to their website). We casted new on-camera talent and adapted their existing blog posts into educational videos.

We shot each video in our studio, then edited and finished each video. But that’s only part of the strategy. We then handled publishing each video, A/B testing the best thumbnails, writing out the descriptions optimized for each video’s target keyword, and then promoted each video through a variety of channels.

Our work on the channel is still in progress, but you can see the exposure and traffic we’ve generated in just two months since launching the new YouTube channel.


Full Channel Rebrand

We did a complete rebrand of BaseLang’s YouTube channel, which also translated to custom animated graphics to create a distinct look across all BaseLang videos.

YouTube SEO Optimization

Each video’s title, thumbnail, and description was optimized and A/B tested to rank on YouTube and Google search to generate organic views and engagement. 

Turnkey Video Production

From casting to production to editing, we handled every step of production. Through our dashboard, BaseLang could give notes at the scripting and editing stage.

The Numbers

This is an active project and the metrics are constantly increasing. Numbers below as of November 2023.

Minutes Watched



Minutes Produced

Featured Videos