FriendsWithYou & Beck’s Green Box

Worked with Beck's beer to create a brand documentary around the artist group FriendsWithYou and their augmented art installation.

CCP was commissioned to create a short documentary on the playful artist group FriendsWithYou for the Beck’s Green Box project. The Green Box project is an innovative project from Beck’s that places large, glowing, green boxes in various cities. When you download their app and view the box through it on an iPad or smart phone, art appears on top of the box, each box being a collaboration with a different artist.

This video documents FriendsWithYou creating the art for their box, placed in front of Panther Coffee in Wynwood. It’s part of an international campaign, with alternative versions created for the UK and Italy.

FriendsWithYou_US from Beck’s Green Box Project on Vimeo.