You 2.0 – A Documentary on Life Hacking

A short documentary and over 3 hours of interviews on the rise of life hacking and the modern productivity movement.
Tim Ferriss in the doc You 2.0 on life hacking


Back in 2008 I was fascinated by a a rising online subculture of people dedicated in using digital and analog tools to create systems in their lives that made things work better (in theory). The term ‘lifehack’ was coined to describe these efficiency tricks and I wanted to track down the origin of this movement, which closely coincided with the rise of ‘Web 2.0.’

You 2.0 is both a short documentary on life hacking and a collection of 3 hours of extended interviews with some of the top productivity experts of the time. Nearly a decade later it’s both a fascinating look at tech and communication of the time while still packed with themes and insight that are still relevant to today.


    Featured in this project are:

    • Tim Ferriss – Author of 4 Hour Work-Week
    • David Allen – Author of Getting Things Done
    • Gina Trapani – Creator of
    • Gloria Mark – Professor of Informatics
    • Leo Laporte – TWiT TV
    • Danny O’Brien – Writer and coined phrase ‘life hacks’
    • Ramit Sethi – Author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich
    • Merlin Mann – Author of 43 Folders and Inbox Zero
    • HackCollege