The DJI Ronin 4D Flex: Sensor in the front, brain in the back

Posted on April 19, 2023

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DJI’s new Ronin 4D Flex Camera is a revolutionary piece of equipment for filmmakers and content creators. With this product, users no longer have to worry about holding a heavy camera all day, thanks to the system’s tethered camera to the rear of the brain. The camera system is all inclusive, allowing for easy setup and quick usage. The flexibility of the system means it can be handheld, mounted on a tripod, or even become the world’s smallest remote head for the motion picture industry.

The Ronin 4D Flex Camera features three-axis stabilization, as well as z-axis stabilization, which takes away all footsteps noise. The camera is modular, comprising the camera system, stabilizer, transmission system, wireless polo focus, and more. Notably, the Ronin 4D Flex Camera integrates all of its components, so everything is streamlined and works seamlessly together. In contrast, with other cameras, you’ll have to take the camera and mounting is needed, rebalance it, build a ring, dimple into the green, and then set it up before use. The Ronin 4D Flex Camera offers a ready-to-go out of box solution. Just pop the battery, and you’re ready to film. The camera also produces impressive image quality, and the system offers lidar information and image transmission.

In conclusion, the Ronin 4D Flex Camera is an all-in-one, versatile solution for filmmakers and content creators. Its flexibility, ease of use, and seamless integration make it an excellent investment for any professional.

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