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Lighting Plot Icons – They’re not the prettiest of designs, but this set of Photoshop brushes covers tungsten and HMI lights, people and the camera. Just pick your brush, adjust the size, and click. You can adjust the angle in the Brushes palette.

Film Tools

Film Terms

The film world enjoys bestowing new titles upon everyday household items, because honestly, “give me a clothespin and extension cord” is so lame.

  • Abby Singer – Second to last shot of the day
  • Apple Box – Sealed wooden box with a variety of uses to mainly raise the height of something (actor, item, extra step, level prop). It also makes a great stool. Available in different sizes, usually referred to as full apple, half apple, quarter apple and pancake.
  • Baby-Baby – 1k light
  • Bullet – Clothespin. Generally they’re kept on a tool-belt, so they look like a row of bullets on a gunslinger’s belt
  • C47 – Clothespin
  • Cube Tap – Three way adapter for an Edison outlet
  • Edison – Standard three prong outlet
  • Head – Tripod head
  • Junior – 2k light
  • Martini Shot – Last shot of the day
  • Mayford Clamp – Clamp for round poles, sticks, and dolly track
  • Sticks – Tripod Legs
  • Stinger – Extension Cord
  • Stubby – Very short flat-head screwdriver
  • Tenor – 10k light

This list is far from comprehensive. I’m trying to keep this list to terms that we use at the school, and even at that it’s a work-in-progress. For all the grip terms you could ever want, check out the griptionary.

Links of Knowledge

Here are links to other sites/articles from more wiser coffee drinkers, organized by the filmmaking process.


johnaugust.com -Screenwriting blog by the writer of Go, Big Fish, and now the director of The Nines.

Jane in Progress – Television writing blog by Jane Espenson.

jaWiki – John August’s screenwriting wiki.

The Zaz Comedy Glossary

How to Bind Your Script


Storyboard Design – Various uses of storyboards.

Tools & Utilities For Filmmakers – Script templates, paperwork, sample contracts, storyboard templates, and more.


Filmmaking.com – Extensive list of links for all areas of filmmaking.

cinematography.com – Forum for all things relating to the camera, grip, electric, and more.

Directing Methods

Virtual Sets for Virtually No Budget

Zacuto Sales & Rental – Always been a pleasure to work with.

Filmtools – For all your film supplies.

Build a C-Stand

The Poor Man�s Jib

Skateboard Dolly

Making a Dead Guy 101 – Just in case you need one.

Underwater Housing for MiniDV

Build your own underwater camcorder housing

Wire-Pull Squib


Walter Murch BAFTA Lecture – 90 minute lecture filmed at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2003 of Oscar and BAFTA winning editor Walter Murch. Part 1 and Part 2. Also check out his book In the Blink of an Eye Revised 2nd Edition.

Meaning in Motion: Ken Burns and His �Effect�

10 Must-Have Steps to Getting Honest Feedback

OWL Music Search

David Beard Music Production – Custom music for all types of media. Check out the samples and resources.

Artificial Sound Effects – Water


How to Sell DVDs Online – An option to distribute your film.


Withoutabox – The best way to submit your film to festivals.

IMDb Submission Form – It only takes one festival screening to get onto IMDb.

VidOpp.com – Directory of video contests.

This list is far from complete. For a semi organized list of 250+ film links, check out my del.icio.us film tag and the Mid-Week Coffee Break. And of course, add your own links in the comments and I’ll check it out.
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