Using VIDA to Streamline Media Library Management

Posted on April 24, 2023


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Managing media libraries can be a tedious task for content creators and marketers. However, VIDA offers an AI-enabled platform that focuses on simplifying the process. In this video, we explore how VIDA can revolutionize media library management, making it easier to find and share content.

VIDA is a SaaS-based solution with a cloud-based platform that stores content in hot and cold storage. The entire process is done via Chrome, making it easy to find anything. VIDA works with large libraries and can scale to handle any size library, making it easy to find anything quickly.

The platform is customizable for each client, and users can share content via collections or storefronts. The Launchpad feature enables clients and vendors to upload content without seeing the entire library.

VIDA‘s faceted-based search allows users to narrow down their search based on series, language, technical details, and more. The platform supports a wide range of content types, including standard 4K to 8K videos, scripts, and rich media files. VIDA can also produce a proxy off of just about anything.

VIDA has several AI integrations, including object recognition, celebrity recognition, and transcription. The transcription feature can create a synopsis automatically based on AI, making it easy to add metadata.

VIDA‘s platform is not a streaming platform, but it can deliver content directly to partnered platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

In the future, VIDA plans to improve metadata management with AI technology. VIDA is an LA and London-based company, and their platform can be accessed remotely.

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