Visualizing Data and Retouching Skin with Digital Anarchy’s Plugins

Posted on April 20, 2023

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Digital Anarchy recently released two new plugins, newly updated Beauty Box and Data Storyteller. In this interview with Jim, we get a closer look at these plugins and their features.

Beauty Box is an AI-powered plugin that helps with skin retouching while avoiding picking up unwanted elements like shine on hats or backgrounds. The plugin’s control allows you to adjust the degree of teeth whitening, making it a more natural-looking effect.

Data Storyteller is a collection of maps that can be animated and is designed for visualizing data. The plugin is compatible with various video editing software, such as After Effects, Final Cut, and Premiere, and supports file types like CSV and Excel. Data Storyteller comes with features like bar charts, line charts, scatter charts, and the ability to incorporate congressional districts in your visualization. It also offers more control over colors, background grids, and can be incorporated into 3D space.

If you’re a content creator, marketer, or anyone who works with video and data, these plugins could be incredibly useful. With Beauty Box, you can retouch skin more accurately and without having to spend a lot of time adjusting masks frame by frame. Data Storyteller can help you create visually appealing data visualizations that can capture your audience’s attention better.

Both plugins are priced at $199, and Beauty Box offers free upgrades to anyone who has previously purchased it. Data Storyteller is available for a free trial, alongside other Digital Anarchy products, on their website. Overall, these two plugins are handy tools for anyone looking to streamline their video editing process and create more visually appealing content.

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