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You’ve probably heard this stat before: YouTube is the second-largest search engine.

The problem is making videos is complicated and a lot of work.

Not anymore.

In this course, we’ll cover everything to get you up and running with an awesome video strategy and a process to produce great videos no matter what your experience level is.

Plus – with all the uncertainty of how AI and chat-based search are going to affect text SEO, video is an excellent way to future-proof your organic search strategy (and to stay ahead of your competitors).

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to research and map out what videos to make that people in your niche will want to watch
  • Produce great-looking videos using gear you already have – your iPhone! If you want to level up we’ll also guide you on what gear to get.
  • Create screen recordings and custom layouts combining multiple cameras and videos
  • How to edit the video without going crazy (if you can edit a Google Doc you can edit video with our system)
  • Add music, titles, and special effects for a polished look
  • How to write your titles and descriptions to tap into YouTube SEO, so your video ranks up top on both YouTube and Google (this is the magic of how these videos keep working for you long after you publish them)
  • How to recut these videos into vertical videos for TikTok and Instagram
  • A whole lot more – video podcasting, interview pro-tips, studio build-out

You get access to everything right now, plus updated and future lessons we’re rolling out.

Who’s this course for?

  • Business owners and marketers who want to grow brand awareness and get new leads. The power of YouTube is the videos keep working for you for years without having to pay for exposure like other social platforms.
  • Content creators looking to expand into video. Turn your newsletter into a video. Expand your podcast into video (YouTube is doubling down on podcasting).
  • SaaS companies – create dynamic tutorials of your software that are way more interesting than boring Looms.
  • Anyone looking to build a channel and following on YouTube

Plus, you’ll get two bonuses:

  1. Access to our online community. Ask questions, get help, share your work for feedback, connect with other video creators.
  2. Free 1-on-1 strategy session on Zoom ($250 value). Anyone that signs up before June 30th, 2023, will get a free 30 minute video and YouTube strategy session.

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Joey Daoud

Hey there - Joey here

My background is in documentary production. I’ve had films on Netflix, Hulu, and The New York Times, to name a few spots.

A few years ago I launched New Territory Media, a YouTube SEO agency for brands.

We’ve created numerous channels and dozens of videos that have gotten millions of views on videos on YouTube.

I’m not talking flash in the pan TikToks or shorts – these are long-form videos where you upload once and they keep working for you for years thanks to the power of video SEO and a solid strategy.

For about 7 years I’ve also been putting out courses on Skillshare about making videos – over 6,400 students have gone through one of my courses.

But I wanted to put together something more cohesive, that teaches a complete strategy from start to finish.

That’s what this course is.

If you’re ready to take your video strategy to the next level, let’s get going!

PS – Remember, if you sign up before June 30th we’ll do a free 30 minute 1-on1 strategy session (normally $250)

Masterclass Outline

8 Courses in 1

YouTube Growth Masterclass 1

Create Your YouTube Channel

42 Minutes

  • How to Create a YouTube Brand Channel
  • Customizing Your Channel (Templates Included!)
  • Optimizing Your Layout for New Visitors
  • Adjusting Channel Settings
  • Structuring YouTube Playlists
YouTube Growth Masterclass 2

Build Your Studio

32 Minutes

  • Selecting Your Camera
  • Microphones and Headphones
  • Lighting
  • Studio Gear Breakdown
  • Soundproofing Your Space
YouTube Growth Masterclass 3

Pro Video with an iPhone

44 Minutes

  • Planning Your Video
  • Framing for Different Platforms
  • Mapping Out Multiple Videos
  • Creating Shot Lists
  • Gear for iPhone Filmmaking
  • Framing and Eye Lines
  • Lighting & Sound Made Easy
  • Recording B-Roll
YouTube Growth Masterclass 4

Editing with iMovie

30 Minutes

  • iMovie Overview & Best Settings
  • Setting Project Resolution
  • Working in the Timeline
  • Video & Audio Effects
  • Adding B-Roll & Smoothing Edits
  • Advanced iMovie Techniques
  • Exporting Your Video
  • Square & Vertical Cropping
YouTube Growth Masterclass 5

Producing Video Podcasts

93 Minutes

  • Why video will grow your podcast
  • Zoom Alternatives
  • How to Use Riverside (30% discount code included)
  • Recording Your Episode
  • Exporting Your Episode
  • Creating Social Media Clips
  • Exporting Video Files
  • Publishing Your Podcast
  • Live Streaming Your Podcast
YouTube Growth Masterclass 6

How to Interview Anyone

57 Minutes

  • Planning Your Interview
  • Research
  • Finding Interview Subjects
  • Crafting Your Interview Questions
  • Planning the Recording
  • Working with Your Subject
  • Creating a Radio Edit
  • Tips for Editing Documentaries
  • Polishing Your Documentary
YouTube Growth Masterclass 7

Create a Video SEO Strategy

Coming Soon

Free 1-on-1 Zoom strategy session for anyone that signs up before June 30th, 2023 (a $250 value)

YouTube Growth Masterclass 8

Editing with Descript

In Progress

If you can edit a word doc, you can edit video.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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