How to create a video for a website in 60 minutes

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We’ve got an interesting demo on trying to create an explainer video in under an hour with the help of AI tools.

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📹 Runway Studios announced another filmmaking program: OpenDocs. This program is looking to use AI generated video in non-fiction storytelling. You can submit project ideas – selected projects will get $2,500 and a Runway Unlimited account.

✀ Wondershare released Filmora 13, which has a bunch of AI powered editing tools, including Copilot Editing, Text-based editing, noise removal, thumbnail and text to video generator, object removal, and more.

🧪 Facebook is rolling out the ability to test different versions of Reels. You’ll be able to upload 4 different thumbnails or captions. After the testing period, the version with the most plays wins.

🥁 Spotify has an interesting technical blog post on how they automated their content marketing and media generation to acquire users at scale.

⌨️ OpenAI had its first developer day. The big announcements: the ability for anyone to create their own GPT, a custom version of ChatGPT. No coding skills required. Plus, there will be a GPT app store. They also announced GPT-4 Turbo with new abilities and updated training data. Check out all the details in our coverage on VP Land.

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🌐 PostHero: Remote workflow solution using Blackmagic’s new Cloud Store products (got a cool remote editing use case in VP Land)

🎞️ FilmConvert: Make your videos look like film. Now supports iPhone 15 Pro and Apple LOG

🦞 Plai Labs: Released a new text-to-video tool for creating 3D animated videos

Using AI Tools to Make a Video From Scratch in an Hour

Started a new series. 1 Hour Video 

I take a website, landing page, blog post, etc, and try to create a video for it in less than 60 minutes.

First test:

Creating a landing page video for

Here’s an overview of the process but check out the full video.

I used Descript to assemble most of this video. If you’ve never used Descript before, check out all of our tutorials to get up to speed.

The 60 min process (and timestamps):

00:00 – Intro

00:25 – The Game Plan

01:40 – Finding stock footage clips in Descript

02:30 – Use Runway’s Video to Video to change clips into different animation/illustration styles (Spoiler: ran into a bunch of issues with this)

07:10 – Created a video script in ChatGPT

08:20 – Generated natural sounding voice over with ElevenLabs

10:00 – Used Runway’s Text to Video tool. Still had some issues but got a working shot.

10:55 – Added voiceover and music to Descript (grabbed the music from Descript’s included stock library)

13:49 – Taking screenshots from the website

14:20 – Editing the video in Descript

18:30 – The Final Video

Ran out of time to add titles.

Let me know what you think and send me your website or blog post if you’d like to be in a future episode!

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