A Bigger Beast


So it wasn’t the same day, but it’s a shorter period than before. I’m getting better.

So onto the F3s, the next beast to conquer. The F3s are the first projects shot on film (okay, the F2s are shot on film but they have a lot of restrictions and no one talks about them). It’s a two day shoot with a full crew and basically no restrictions. You can have kids, guns, whatever.

The F3s are made by second year BFA students. They fill the more experienced positions (Director, Producer, DP, Set Designer, 1 AD, 1 AC, Key Grip, Gaffer, and Sound Mixer) while us first years do the more basic tasks (2 AD, Script Sup, 2 AC, Best Boy Electric, Best Boy Grip, and Boom Op). I’ll try to explain all the terms at a later date (no commitment given).


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