Coffee Break – Blue is the New Red Huge Roast of Links

So a while back I used to post cool links each Wednesday for a Coffee Break series. For many reasons (mainly time and laziness), I haven’t posted cool links in a while. But I still have a bunch saved up.

So in the spirit of new beginnings, I’m just going to offload everything I’ve had stored up and start fresh.

And just to recap why yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life: Voted in my first presidential election, free Starbucks, free Krispy Kreme, got an iPhone(!), ScottDobie thought my tweetI feel like today is the day Frodo tosses the ring into Mount Doom” was wittier than both Leo Laporte and John Hodgman, watched the election results at the Democrat results party with all my friends, and the good guy finally won!

The best part – Obama robot at Disney’s Hall of Presidents!

Now enjoy the links.

How To Start a Production Company In 2021: The Ultimate Guide – Complete guide to launching your own production company from Filmmaking Lifestyle

Adorama – Video & audio gear

The company now offers celebrity wannabe packages, including the A-List—Ariel’s choice—which gives clients four personal paparazzi for 30 minutes and a mock-up of a high-gloss tabloid magazine cover with their picture, for $730. The Superstar package ($990) lasts for an hour and the Megastar ($3,000) provides clients with six paparazzi for two hours, limo service, a publicist and a bodyguard. And for customers who hope to get into places like the Waverly Inn or La Esquina just because of the scene they’re setting, it’s priceless, says Drew Tinnin, Celeb 4 A Day’s New York manager. “We’ve gotten people past the velvet rope. Restaurants and clubs usually like the attention we get them when we show up with our clients.”

15 Minutes of Fame, On Sale Now | Page Six Magazine | The New York Post.

Objectified: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit – On seven years in the indie film business

From the director of my fav Helvetica on how he’s made a living doing small documentaries.

The Gentleman’s Guide to the Calling Card | The Art of Manliness (via Chic and Charming)

Documentary Club – If you like documentaries

Coffee Break - Blue is the New Red Huge Roast of Links 2

Hi-Res Star Trek Comic-Con Posters – Movie News

Day 1, Chip Heath on Flickr – Very cool illustration explaining the must-read book ‘Made to Stick

Full List of Stuff White People Like « Stuff White People Like – Very funny. One of the fastest Blog-to-Book examples

indieWIRE: FIRST PERSON | Film Department’s Mark Gill: “Yes, The Sky Really Is Falling.” – I plan to write more about this, but if you haven’t read it – do so

Channel 4 recreates The Shining to promote its Kubrick season | Media |

2008 Design Trends – Very cool designs for inspiration

Metropolis « Finding Some Direction – The missing reels from Metropolis have been found. This is so amazing.

The Steady Approach Part 2 | B&H Photo Video Pro Audio (via Coudal) – Interview with Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadicam

The Media Equation – Little Movies, Big Problems – – Indie films not doing so hot

Filmmaker Magazine | Spring 2008: NO VACANCY – The Visitor, the only indie film that did pretty good this year

Typeface – Documentary on Typeface. I have a feeling I’ll like this film. Helvetica and Typeface box set coming soon? Wingdings as a special feature?

The Simple Dollar » How To Write an Effective Thank You Note for Any Occasion

The Ira Glass Guide to Link Bait | Copyblogger

Cat got your tongue, follow these tips — Young Go Getter

What Does A Stylish Man Look Like?

Grocery List: Never Forget an Item at the Supermarket – These two links good for craft service shopping | FREE DOWNLOADABLE GROCERY LIST

Mastering the Informational Interview – Shifting Careers – Small Business – New York Times Blog

russell davies: how to be interesting

the media artist: Are You Interesting?

Prepping for Warren Buffett: The Art of the Elevator Pitch (Videos) | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss » Scripting a short film » Rethinking motivation

From the Heart Productions :: The Roy W. Dean Film and Writing Grants

Ultimate Video Relay | How it Works

south by southwest festivals + conferences

The Best Places to Watch Documentary Movies Online |

2008 Animated Shorts Nominees — OZOUX.COM

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