Fitness as Creative Fuel

Posted on October 23, 2015


Over the last year or so I’ve undergone a transformation in just about every aspect of my life – diet, exercise, yoga, mediation – or what I would overall refer to as fitness. Before this change I was in front of a computer or on a couch most of the day, my weight was going up, and when I’d be out filming I’d start getting pains in my arm.

I’ve got a very long article coming out next week documenting the steps I took to change my diet and get active, all leading up to summiting Mount Rainier. I write it with the idea that it might inspire someone else who’s on the fence about taking control of their fitness into action.

I’m not a ‘bro. I have zero athletic history. In high school I took Phys Ed online. But my biggest regret once I started down this path was how quickly and easily I started seeing changes. I wanted to kick myself for not starting earlier.

Despite all the obvious health benefits, having better fitness improves the creative process. You sleep better, think better, work better. It’s creative fuel.

So in the future I’ll be looking at this hybrid of fitness and creativity on the blog as I venture into it further.

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