Hopin Buys StreamYard, Making High Quality Virtual Events Even Easier to Create

Hopin Buys StreamYard

Hopin, the booming virtual event platform, bought StreamYard, which makes it super easy to create high quality live streams. Integrating StreamYard’s technology will make it even easier to create dynamic and professional looking virtual events.

The Airpeak Drone from Sony

Sony announced the Airpeak drone, the smallest drone capable of carrying an Alpha camera like the a7S. No word on price but a similar drone from Freefly runs $8000 so expect similar pricing.

60 Print Magazines Launch in 2020

Despite all the crazy stuff that went down in 2020, 60 print magazines launched over the year. An interesting takeaway for content creators – most of these magazines are subscription supported, a positive note for those looking to build a paid following on Substack or Patreon.

Quibi Finds a Home on Roku

Roku licensed the remainder of content from now defunct Quibi to load on their streaming platform Roku TV. While the Roku device itself is a competitor to the Apple TV, it’s a bit lower cost to develop on demand apps for. So by putting money into their own original content they’ll only expand the appeal of Roku as a platform, which is a plus for anyone looking to launch their own subscription platform, like a fitness or educational service.

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