How To Make A $5000 Virtual Video Set

Shoutout to my home team, the Miami Heat, for making it into the finals.

Lots of cool uses coming out of Photoshop’s new AI tools – let’s jump into it.


🎨 We covered Adobe’s AI tool, Firefly, rolling out to Photoshop last week. Well, there have been some great use cases posted on Twitter that merge Photoshop and Midjourney. This one turns pixel art images into animations.

📈 YouTube has some new analytics showing what type of content viewers of your channel watch, so you can make more of it.

🔨 Nice breakdown on how Zapier built a content marketing machine. They do a really good job of repurposing content.

👨‍🚀 A roundup of all the gear at NAB that’s making virtual production more accessible, from affordable camera trackers to easier virtual sets.

🎞️ Final Cut Pro for iPad is now out and reviews are in. The most in-depth one is from Scott Simmons. Overall well thought out and easy to use on an iPad. “Final Cut Pro for iPad is geared more toward the “creator” than the dedicated editor.” And don’t forget Apple also released an iPad version of their sound editing app Logic Pro.

These tools are from our sponsors, which help make this newsletter and our videos possible. Even though it’s paid placement, they’re really great products – many of which we used before they became sponsors.

📮 Metricool ► Easy yet powerful social media scheduling and metrics dashboards.

📺 OpenReel ► No fuss video creation, great for marketing videos

🔒 Vestigit ► Secure and protect your video content

🪧 Adspective ► Use AI to dynamically place ads and products in existing videos and photos

🗄️ MASV ► Transfer large files and folders fast

For the next few weeks, we’ll round up the best tools by category that we saw at NAB.

An unusual way to find a video editor

In an interview with Deya, who runs a great Digital Business Manager course, she talked about how she found an editor she loved when getting started in YouTube.

She knew she wanted a specific style that matched more popular channels that were her inspiration.

But instead of going to Fiverr or Upwork, she went to YouTube directly.

Here’s the hack: she searched for how to edit like X 

Such as how to edit like Ali Abdaal, or how to edit like MrBeast.

What you’ll find is a variety of tutorials made by other people that have dissected the editing style of the creator she likes.

Then she starts hunting for the hidden gems – the videos that are well-made but don’t have a lot of views or subscribers.

Once she found a few videos she liked the style of, she reached out to the creator, asked if they were interested in freelance work, and the rest is history.

Here’s a video clip of her explaining the process.

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