I Claim Life Hacking Documentary


I Claim Life Hacking Documentary 1

That’s right. In keeping with my fascination of offices and productivity, my next doc is on life hacking.

It’s been tough explaining life hacking in one sentence. I’ve been going with ‘an online community dedicated to finding shortcuts to save time and make oneself more productive.’ Working smarter, not harder might work, but I feel like there’s more. And hacking gives off a bad first impression.

I’ve already made contact with some of the big names in the life hacking world, such as Merlin Mann, Gina Trapani, and Leo Laporte. It’s funny, because getting a yes from them is a big deal to me, but for the most part I don’t know anyone who can share in my joy (except for my few fellow geek friends).

I’m planning on venturing out to San Francisco to shoot the bulk of the film during my next break in August.

This is also my Honors Thesis project. I figured that was a good way to force myself to do the film. As for run-time, I’m not sure. Ideally I could get enough to make a feature, but we’ll see.

I also need to find an average office worker in the Tallahassee area to be featured. I want to follow someone trying to adopt life hacking techniques in their life as sort of a narrating thread. Any ideas for this quest?

Going back to the title of this post and it’s main purpose, for those Googling life hacking documentary, you should know it’s coming. And if you were thinking about doing the same thing, don’t. I’m doing it. I even have the domain name (lifehackingmovie.com).

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