Interactive Zombie Adventure – Very Clever

Posted on August 1, 2010

This is very clever – it’s a zombie adventure story that gives you choices along the way, using the YouTube annotations to link to another video that reveals the outcome of the path you choose. Does the adventure continue, or does your choice lead you to become zombie dinner?

Also, it’s not revealed until the very end that the whole thing is an ad for a New Zealand pizza chain (which now makes sense, since the plot was a guy who was determined to deliver his pizza despite the zombie mayhem).

Written by Joey Daoud

Joey Daoud is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. His past films have appeared on Netflix, The New York Times, and National Geographic. He is also a YouTube creator across multiple channels with videos garnering millions of views. In his free time, he likes to climb mountains, scuba dive, and brew unique coffees.

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  1. Anonymous

    I dunno how you could say we didn’t reveal the sponsor until the end. I mean, “hell pizza presents” is the first thing up. We certainly didn’t mean to deceive. We just wanted to get on with the mayhem.

    • Joey

      I don’t remember that but since I’ve never heard of Hell Pizza I thought it was a joke pizza name since it fit pretty well in the zombie world until I realized it was legit in the end.

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