Film Term Lexicon

The film world enjoys bestowing new titles upon everyday household items, because honestly, “give me a clothespin and extension cord” is so lame.

  • Abby Singer – Second to last shot of the day
  • Apple Box – Sealed wooden box with a variety of uses to mainly raise the height of something (actor, item, extra step, level prop). It also makes a great stool. Available in different sizes, usually referred to as full apple, half apple, quarter apple and pancake.
  • Baby-Baby – 1k light
  • Bullet – Clothespin. Generally they’re kept on a tool-belt, so they look like a row of bullets on a gunslinger’s belt
  • C47 – Clothespin
  • Cube Tap – Three way adapter for an Edison outlet
  • Edison – Standard three prong outlet
  • Head – Tripod head
  • Junior – 2k light
  • Martini Shot – Last shot of the day
  • Mayford Clamp – Clamp for round poles, sticks, and dolly track
  • Sticks – Tripod Legs
  • Stinger – Extension Cord
  • Stubby – Very short flat-head screwdriver
  • Tenor – 10k light

This list is far from comprehensive. I’m trying to keep this list to terms that we use at the school, and even at that it’s a work-in-progress. For all the grip terms you could ever want, check out the griptionary.


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