Now Available on DVD

Last week I officially finished You 2.0, the doc that delayed graduation a semester, and self released it on DVD. It’s a niche film, and I felt like it would work better just selling it myself as a DVD (it has a unique structure) rather than waste time trying to get into festivals, which for a short film doesn’t have much of a future.

Pick up a copy or try to get one for free!

I’ll post some more in detail on the actual processes I’ve been going through for self distribution, because I’ve had to learn a lot about DVD duplication vs. replication, order fulfillment services, international shipping, PayPal, sales tax, and other random stuff.

And with that extended project finally behind me, I’ve begun work on a new documentary (and moving in the process). I’ll write soon on what that is, and all the new stuff I have to learn that Film School didn’t cover.

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