Perhaps I Cared Too Much

Regarding the first post, awesome Screenwriter (and now Director) John August seems to have a different view:

I decided that while I was on set, my only responsibility was to the movie, and my ability to direct it. With this philosophy in hand, many decisions became easier.

The post is great, and I can agree mostly with what John has to say. It’s unfortunate to say, but there is a level of assholeness required to complete a film. Of course it’s best not to be one, but when it comes down to it you’re in charge and it’s your responsibility to get the best film possible.

BUT, John August was directing a feature film with potential distribution and profit. It was not a school project that will never see the light of day again. Of course you should give your all to get the best film possible, but keep your projects in context. >> As it turns out, I could care less


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