Photoshop’s AI update is only the second most interesting thing this week

Pop open a bottle – tomorrow is National Wine Day 🍷

Just make sure it isn’t merlot. JK. Though 15 years later, merlot sales still haven’t recovered since Sideways demolished it.

btw – anyone watching Apple TV’s Drops of God?

Anyways, let’s pop open some signals.


🖌️ Adobe has expanded its generative AI creator, Firefly, to Photoshop. The uses here seem far more practical than generating an image from scratch. This blends AI with actual images – expand the edges of an image, change a location, erase an object.

👨‍🏫 Former FBI hostage negotiator and author of the best-selling book Never Split the Difference is launching his own streaming network. Well, more like a course/community. From the number of promos I’ve seen over the years for his Masterclass course, it’s interesting that the demand is there for a ‘business negotiation network.’ It also seems like a logical step for experts/creators who have a large enough audience and something to keep offering.

⚔️ Jonah Peretti, CEO of Buzzfeed, says AI will replace most static content. “AI will lead to new formats that are more gamified, more personalized, and more interactive.” I’ve heard of this idea that AI will make things hyper-personalized in the future (we talked about it in our interviews with Adobe and Veritone). But I think there’s a limit to that. We crave shared experiences, and if everything is personalized to us we have no way of sharing about that experience because no one else would’ve experienced the same thing.

📸 Panasonic released an update to the S5, the new S5 IIX. It’s got some new live streaming features and RAW video recording.

🤯 The Adobe update is cool – but this teaser of point-based manipulation is mind-blowing. Click and drag the points you want to alter on a photo and the AI does the rest.

Drag Your GAN: Interactive Point-based Manipulation on the Generative Image Manifold

paper page:

— AK (@_akhaliq)
May 19, 2023

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