So, What Do You Want to Do?


So, What Do You Want to Do? 1

“So, what are you going to do after you graduate?” is a question I’ve been hearing a lot more frequently. Sometimes it’s followed by, “New York or LA”?

While the upcoming thesis cycle and finishing school seem to be the only things I have to worry about, I do realize that in 8 months I’ll be out in the real-world.

What do I want to do? Everything. I should restate that, and say I enjoy everything (just about). But only in Film School can you change positions weekly and with such ease.

I started out wanting to direct – as did most of my classmates. I still do, but I also wouldn’t mind producing. And I’m undecided if I want to stick with fiction or go documentary. Hopefully I can dabble in both.

So for now my answer has been, “Direct and Produce. Either fiction or documentaries.” I can feel them rolling their eyes in their head. Everyone wants to direct.

I’m non-discriminatory with TV or theatrical. I just want my work to be seen.

New York or LA? I’d be fine in either, but I’ll probably venture out west. I also wouldn’t rule something out with the BBC in London. It all depends on where I can get a job.

Right, job. The majority of the class above me got internships in various production or post-production companies. A few are paying; most are not. I wouldn’t turn my nose at an internship, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

I think I would rather be a director or producer’s assistant during production. You’d be at the heart of the action, meeting important people, and learning a lot. In exchange, I wouldn’t mind the coffee runs or possible odd requests.

But as for my ‘what do you want to do’ response, I need to come up with something a little more polished for Friday.

“Conquer the world.” (?)

(And yes, I would like my own Academy Award)

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