Tastemade’s Branded Content, Apple ProRAW, Super, Squad and more

Creating Shoppable Videos with a video streaming mockup

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Tastemade takes branded content to the next level

Tastemade is creating a branded cooking video series called Origins. It’s produced in partnership with two brands, and both are unique in how the partnership is handled.

One is Hyundai’s high end Genesis car. Bit of an odd match for a cooking show, but it’s prominently featured in the opening of the episode as the chef drives it to the kitchen set.

The kitchen is also designed to be ultra-luxurious and mirror the styling of the car. The other kitchen feature that ties into the branded partnership is Alexa devices from Amazon, which get showcased with their cooking assisting features.

And for the best product integration – you can order all the ingredients for the recipe right from Amazon Fresh.

Lots of cool integrations here, but you don’t need to have your own smart speaker to create something of your own like this.

What other ways can you create naturally engaging content that showcases unique integrations or features of your product or service?

Facebook creates their own Cameo competitor called Super

In development from Facebook is a new service called Super, which will let celebrities and influencers live stream and sell access to super fans to get ‘on stage’ to ask questions or take a virtual selfie.

Similar to Cameo in selling access and unique experiences to celebrities. But different in that it’s a real time interaction (according to early reports) and not a pre-recorded video like Cameo.

More Signals

Reddit buys Dubsmash

Twitter buys Squad (and also shuts down Periscope)

Apple releases ProRAW photos

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