Thesis: Ending With a Bang


Forgotten Future

Two days left on the last thesis show. This is another six day double – the Director of Photography gave up his film to DP and co-write this show. To my knowledge, this is the largest thesis production ever. It’s a sci-fi film with massive sets built on both soundstages and a giant warehouse. They even got a generator, something undergrads never get.

This enabled the Electric Team to use as many lights as needed, which ended up being every light today in the warehouse. The only problem is the warehouse has no air conditioning, so things got hot pretty quickly. Actually I think it was the hottest I’ve ever been. Production Team had a stream of ice water coming to set.

Towards the end of the day, a lightening storm started to roll in. We found out the generator cannot be run when it’s lightening, so it had to be shut down which essentially ended production for the day.

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