3 O’Clock Meeting with the Dean


Sweet Lounge

I’ve got a meeting with the Dean of the Film School today. It’s nothing bad, I scheduled this meeting. When I went to Steelcase for my documentary, I got a two hour tour that covered a lot of interesting office design topics. About a minute ended up in the final cut of Cubicles, so I have all this unused footage.

My idea is to edit the interview into short podcasts covering different design topics. The only problem is The Film School owns all the footage, so I have to get approval before I can release anything, and thus, the meeting with the Dean.

There are a few reasons I want to do this. My most practical arguments are it will promote the film and the Film School. Personally, it will give me a chance to edit more. It’s also a little experiment. I’d really like to create something that gets a mention on Lifehacker or makes the Digg front page.

I’ve never had a formal marketing class, so I wrote up a proposal covering the five Ws ((The five being who, what, when, where, why.)). Hopefully it will be enough to get the greenlight.


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