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Alltop, all the top stories

I’m in the Movies section on Alltop. What’s Alltop? A new feed aggregator site from VC Guy Kawasaki that tries to bring the power of RSS feeds ((Most sites and blogs that publish posts or articles offer their content through a feed, which you can subscribe to and read in an RSS feed reader, such as Google Reader. This allows you to read the content of many sites in one location. You should give it a try and subscribe to C&C.)) to the masses. His thought is that the majority of web users don’t use RSS readers, so like a magazine rack that you can quickly and easily browse, he’s going to bring you all the top stories from the best sites on their respected topics.

So if you’d like to explore blogs organized by topic, such as life hacking, or if you’re an RSS junkie and need a few more feeds to add, then definitely give it a browse.

I am now going to vanish for the next three days as I go be a cinematographer.

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