Living with Ed, Survivorman, Local TV Commercials – Mid-Week Coffee Break

Living with Ed, Survivorman, Local TV Commercials - Mid-Week Coffee Break 2

Living with Ed Production Notes – Even the production tries to be green.

Survivorman’s Les Stroud – Nice article about the production of Survivorman. The only production costs seem to be replacing their Sony HVR-Z1Us.

50 Greatest Local TV Commercials – If you only watch one, watch the first one.

Film Editor Christopher Rouse on The Bourne Ultimatum

In the Bronx, a Film School With a Ghetto Name – Documentaries forbidden?

Hollywood Physics – Some get it right (2001), but most get it wrong (Armageddon).

eCommerce…as Imagine in 1967 – Eerily spot-on from 1999 A.D.

Retro-Futuristic Motion Logos – Nice collection of cheesy studio logos that went out of style a week after they were made.

Hot Rat-Taunting Story Documents – Interesting method for outlining a TV episode (or script). By the way, if you like TV writing, read Jane’s blog.

Popular Baby Names and The Baby Name Wizard [Jane Espenson] – Two nifty sites for naming a character. To add some authenticity, these list the most popular names for each year, so if you figure out when your character was born you can give them a common name for the year (unless you want them to be unusual).


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