Making a Scene

Making a Scene 2

For the past couple of week’s we’ve had to pick a scene from our F3, rehearse it with our ATL members, then act it out in front of the class for our directing and acting teachers to see how the scene plays. Then the following week we record the performance and play it back to analyze shot design and blocking.

Yesterday my ATL performed a scene from my F3, “How to Sell Your Soul for the Corner Office.” As is pretty evident by the title, it’s about a guy (Bernie) who sells his soul for the corner office.

I decided to do the last scene in the film where Bernie has his corner office but has an encounter with his new boss that hints there might be a price to what he has done.

While rehearsing with my Production Designer and First AD, I found the process to be really helpful. This is the first time I’ve heard the dialogue spoken, so I realized some parts are a bit word heavy. And even though we’re not actors, a lot of good questions were brought up about what characters know, what their motivation is, etc. It’s also less intimidating than working with actors you just met.

If I have the time, I’d like to do this process for all six pages. But for now it’s off to filming the scene.

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