Mid-Week Coffee Break for 6-6-2007

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OWL Music Search
– The idea behind this service is you upload a song, mark the section you like, and then OWL searches through a database of songs and tries to find similar music that’s under the Creative Commons license. I gave it a shot with Cubicles and it returned some alright results. I think it’s a really cool idea for swapping out temp music – maybe you’ll have better luck.

Photosynth [HD For Indies] – Mind blowing photomaping software from Microsoft. It seems like this could be an incredibly easy way to create photo-realistic 3D sets in the future. You can give the pre-beta demo a try here.

For Indie Filmmakers: How to Sell DVDs Online – Interesting distribution channel for your film, especially shorts (their top seller is a 16-minute documentary).

VidOpp.com [Film Flap]- Nice directory of video contests with the ability to filter results.

Underwater Housing for MiniDV [Film Flap] – It looks pretty solid but I wouldn’t exactly be putting the RED ONE in it anytime soon.

Nolan to Shoot Dark Knight in IMAX Format [FreshDV] – Some serious use of celluloid.

I talk with my hands – John August posts a video of a panel he was on about publicity. You can also check out his Big Fish publicity goals here.

Missing Pages – I haven’t had a chance to watch the film, but Tropist makes it sound like something not to be missed, so perhaps you’ll have time to check it out.

Planet Earth Behind the Scenes [FreshDV] -The series was amazing. I’d love to work on something like that, but then I wonder if I could lie still for twelve hours to film dancing birds. What if you have to go to the bathroom?

Tips for Succeeding as a TV Writer in Hollywood – Some pretty interesting tidbits from a blog that has nothing to do with the film industry.

1. �Every stereotype about L.A. is more true than you can possibly imagine.�
My sister once went into a meeting to pitch a TV shows about a bunch of teenagers at a boarding school where they�re trained to use magical powers. The executives at the meeting said, �We love it! We absolutely love it! But what about changing the teens to adults, and setting it on Wall Street?� Just like you read about.

3. �Good news comes right away; bad news never comes.�
This rule applies when you�re waiting to hear whether people liked an idea, a proposal, a draft, etc. If you don�t hear back pretty quick, they didn�t like it.

4. �You have to live in L.A. for three years before anything much happens.�
People told my sister this when she moved out there, and indeed, after she�d been there for three years, her career really picked up speed. This is largely because relationships are so important in L.A., and it takes about three years to work up a serious network.

5. �In a meeting, if someone asks if you want something to drink, say �yes.�”

Microsoft Surface Mutli-Touch Table – Could this be the future of editing?

Star Trek fan soldly goes – I’d love to have this guy build my sets.

The Helvetica movie is selling out fast – My favorite documentary from Full Frame is getting some good buzz.

Get some gourmet coffee (or tea) – I don’t know whether to be disgusted or intrigued by the weasel coffee.


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