Mid-Week Coffee Break for the Thirteenth of June

Mid-Week Coffee Break for the Thirteenth of June 2“You’ve Got to Be a Citizen of the World” – I was a guest blogger over at Carolina Flicks, where I wrote about my interview experience at North Carolina School of the Arts with some thoughts on film schools in general.

Virtual Sets for Virtually No Budget – More innovative uses of a green soundstage.

Will Pearson: London Photography [Tropist] – Gorgeous 360 panoramas of London.

Paris, je t’aime Segments – I had never heard of this film but the idea behind it sounds quite interesting. The Cohen brothers segment is a great example of a simple short film.

Robert Rodriguez’s 10 Minute Cooking School – The Sin City Breakfast Tacos sound pretty good, except for the lard part. I’d love to have the Troublemaker Studios setup shown in the beginning.

And thanks to Tropist for mentioning Coffee and Celluloid. Three out of five of the links above were discovered through Tropist, so it’s a pretty good site to check out.


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