Mid-Week Coffee Break for the Twenty-Seventh of June

Posted on June 27, 2007


Mid-Week Coffee Break for the Twenty-Seventh of June 2
Build a C-Stand [FreshDV] – This $30 DIY C-stand isn’t the most portable of things, but it beats the standard $200 model and is probably just as useful.

Meaning in Motion: Ken Burns and His ‘Effect’ [Editblog] – Nice tips on when to use the effect and how to use it effectively.

The Vatican Film List – I have to say I like their Art list more than AFI’s. 2001, La Strada, Citizen Kane, Metropolis, Modern Times.

Book of the week: The DV Rebel’s Guide + Rebel Without a Crew – Starting a business and making a film have some things in common. I haven’t read the The DV Rebel’s Guide, but Rebel Without a Crew is a great read, even if you’re not a Robert Rodriguez fan.

Also, Microsoft Surface Parody and Two classic Prabhu Deva sequences.

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