No More Changes [Editing]

No More Changes [Editing] 2

So the editing for my F3, How to Sell Your Soul, is locked. Of course there’s always doubts. For the most part it was a painless process, and I’m very happy with the final cut.

We have a run-time limit of 6:30 for content. The first cut was 1:47 over. The cut we just locked was 0:55 under. I know with student films shorter is generally better, so I’m very happy the film is short and tight, and it definitely improves the way it plays.

One thing I noticed is both Lauren and I didn’t have any late editing nights, or fiascoes. I know a few people who had to completely re-edit because the Dean (or class) screened a cut of their film and didn’t get it, or they have major story issues.

Part of me felt like we weren’t working hard enough, or we were missing something. I hope the real reason is we had solid scripts and knew what we wanted.

I definitely learned a lot from the process. Some stuff I thought came across didn’t, such as the implication that after successfully selling his soul and getting the corner office, the boss is the devil.

The problem was I was trying to do two things with the last scene. In the end, it doesn’t really matter, because you get the idea that there was a price paid for the main character selling his soul. If you pick up that the boss is the devil, all the better.

Spring break has officially started, so I’ll hopefully use this time for some thesis outlining and reading. And blog updating.

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