Rain Machine, Perfect iTunes, Speed Racer – End-of-the-Week Coffee Break

Posted on August 31, 2007


Rain Machine, Perfect iTunes, Speed Racer - End-of-the-Week Coffee Break 2

How to Make a Rain Machine [Film Flap] – The title says it all. It looks like it has enough of a spread to be quite effective.

“Perfect” iTunes Equalizer – Apparently these are the magic settings to make iTunes sound amazing. I tried it and I think it sounds great.

The Bat Whispers [DISContent] – Cool little film from the 1930s that apparently inspired Batman. Check out the awesome opening shot, after the credits.

Speed Racer [CinemaTech] – I can’t wait to see some stills from the new Wachowski Brother’s live action Speed Racer. As told by Susan Sarandon, they’re using a new camera (“…some high def thing that comes with guards…”) to keep everything in focus, like a cartoon.

Editing, Manipulation, and the Kuleshov Effect – Whether you have or have not heard of the Kuleshov effect, FreshDV has a nice video of Hitchcock demonstrating it. It’s a very powerful editing tool.

Top Gear [The Editblog] – A well made news magazine clip featuring a pretty awesome car.

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