The Little Differences

Vince Driving

  • In all of Europe it’s pump first, pay later. The pumps also have plastic gloves to keep your hands clean.
  • It’s really called a Royal with Cheese.
  • A grilled sandwich is called toast.
  • Diet Coke is Coca-Cola Light.
  • Soda is still served in glass bottles.
  • Germany has the most amazing rest stops. Not only are they uber clean, they have showers, 24 hour food, and self cleaning toilets. You can sleep in your car in most of Europe, and with rest stops like these who needs a hotel.
  • Commercials in the UK before a movie have ratings. And they have a lot of anti-piracy commercials. They also show the certificate of the film before it starts.
  • I’ve never had more issues with my credit card signature then in the UK. When I went to buy movie tickets the guy carefully compared my card signature (which is a bit faded) to the receipt I signed. It got to the point where I had to pull out my passport to prove it was my card. Apparently you’re not required to carry ID in the UK, and they have a lot of card fraud, so the signature is the only form of ID. But this guy was a little obsessive.
  • Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and Belgium list the city distances in reverse, with the farthest city on the top.
  • The Czech border patrol laughed at my new colorful American passport.
  • The period and comma are swapped in most of Europe, so $1,233.55 would be $1.233,55.

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