The Nines, Stabilization, Flying Cameras, Sci-Fi Writing – A Jumbo End-of-the-Week Coffee Break



The Nines Production Notes – Tons of goodies about John August’s directorial debut The Nines.

Camera Stabilization Systems – Video of new stabilization systems from Cinegear. Check out the second system, the MK-V.

Segway Steadicam – It’s dangerous to run with a Steadicam and track fast moving action. Problem solved. Plus, this will save your back.

Flying Camcorder – Instructable on installing a CVS camcorder in a Zagi 400 glider.

The FStop [Strobist] – Online magazine that analyzes the set-up and execution of some amazing photographs.

11 Super Awesome Photoshop Movie Effects – A nice collection of Photojojo’s tutorials that could probably be adapted for After Effects. I’d particularly like to try 300 and Sin City.

For Those Wanting to Write a Sci-Fi Channel Original – List of the six things the Sci-Fi channel looks for in their original movies. If you were looking for a pretty blatant formula to crank out a script, here it is.

Pulp Screenwriting – Complete list of DISContent’s screenwriting posts, in order of the process.

Audio Solutions: Decapitation – Some nifty audio tricks when cutting talking heads. Reminds me of documentary editing and piecing together different bits of audio to get the message across.

No Editing Needed – Pretty awesome one-take music video that anyone who’s messed with editing will enjoy.

Advertainment: A Mexican Mortuary Viral Hit – My father is a mortician. I wish his funeral home would do something like this.


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