The Picture is Locked…

…and I haven’t nearly posted all I wanted to about F1s. To the invisible reader: force all your emotion into asking questions in comments about what I should explain, Patrick Swayze style.

We actually locked last week, I just never got around to posting it. What is ‘picture lock?’ The editing is done. You’ve arranged all the footage the way you want it to be presented, and no further editing can be made.

In our case, this meant the entire film had to be done: picture editing, sound mixing, color correction, etc. Normally picture lock just means the editing is done and it can go on and get sound effects and have it’s colors adjusted, since if you start moving the edits around all the work of the mixers could be shifted and they’d have to redo a lot of work, which means more money. Not a good thing.

The premiere of the F1s is at a screening next week. This will be the first time the faculty that hasn’t been one of our instructors will see our work.

Hopefully some F1 retrospective posts to come, like how I completely forgot to shoot a pretty necessary line.

Tags: Editing

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